Angels – and the Hay House World Summit

Technically I’m not finished with the series on science, but I decided to take a break for a few weeks because it’s time for the Hay House World Summit. Four wonderful, uplifting weeks of videos and lectures from some of the brightest stars in the spiritual community. This series played such an influential role in my spiritual development last year, I couldn’t let it pass without writing about it.

Yesterday, as I listened to a talk with Kyle Gray about working with our Angels, I wondered – Do I believe in Angels? Based on a lot of my other writing, it might surprise you to learn that I do… at least, I can allow for their existence. (see here for more on the concept of Allowing). And, of course, as I look up at the microwave and stove clocks, right after writing that sentence, it’s 11:11am on both.[1]  🙂

It’s like the angels laughing and saying, “Ha! We very much do exist.”

I really do love those moments of communion.

In many of my posts I talk about energy. I am familiar and comfortable with the concept of energy. (Although only recently am I more openly talking with others about this). For many, many years of my own spiritual development I was not sure I even believed in a cohesive soul (ie – that the soul was a distinct entity vs. just a collection of energy in a particular lifetime that rejoined the ‘all’ after death).[2]

Naturally, based on that belief structure, I struggled with the concept of angels as defined, individual, entities – even at an energetic level. I still struggle with that, but thanks to the concept of allowing, I don’t have to worry so much about what I believe and I can focus instead on the experiences that I have.

Kyle talks about how his own belief in angels has evolved over the past five years. Initially he seemed to crave more definition around our angelic guides – knowing his own guardian angel’s name and understanding the angelic hierarchy. However, he has moved to a place where he seems to associate them more with their energetic vibration and worry less about attaching qualities to their existence (wings, names, etc.)

It’s a thoroughly interesting and uplifting talk – you can listen to it <here> (although the link may re-direct you to a sign-up page if you have not already registered for the Hay House Summit.) For this short period of time only it’s completely free and totally worth checking out!


[1] In Kyle’s talk he mentions that there’s a lot of hub-bub around “11:11” and angels and I remember thinking, as I listened, I’ve never heard of that and I don’t remember any significant “11:11” moments in my own life. So, of course, the very next day I would look up at the clocks while I’m writing about allowing for the possibility of the existence of angels… and it would be 11:11 on two clocks J J According to Doreen Virtue’s “In the case of “1’s,” they represent the post of an energy gateway. The more 1’s you see the stronger the gateway.”

[2] Ironically, it was my first pregnancy that convinced me otherwise… maybe I’ll tell that story somewhere on the blog someday.

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